my new touch pad

Scuba Man bought me a Touch Pad.  I had no desire for one and really didn’t know what I would use it for, but he got me one anyway.  He said he thought I would like it.

He was right.  I do like it.  At home, I can quickly check Facebook or do a quick search on Google.  But the best part is it has a Kindle application.

I never thought I would like reading a book on an electronic device.  I wanted the feel of the book in my hands.  I wanted the smell of the book.  I wanted to feel the page as I turned it.   But I find myself reading more and more books using the Touch Pad. It is much easier to read with these old eyes of mine.  I can usually read it without my reading glasses, which is nice on the bus.

But, I forgot to download more books from the library.  I finished the last one on the bus this morning and didn’t have anything else to read.  Unfortunately, I was on an old bus that didn’t have WiFi, so I couldn’t download.  I ended up going back to my old reliable device for reading, my smart phone.

This whole Touch Pad thing is going to take some getting used to.  I’m accustomed to being able to download on the go with my phone, something I can’t do with the Pad.  But, it’s still very nice to have.

Thank you to the love of my life for his gift.

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2 Responses to my new touch pad

  1. I’m so glad it’s easier on your eyes! Less strain means more time for reading!

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