adults should sometimes learn from children

Hatteras Island has an online newspaper called the Island Free Press.  It’s where we go to keep up with what is happening on the island since we do not live there full-time (yet…).

Last week, they had the annual Blessing of the Fleet.  The community gathers at the docks of Hatteras Village and offers prayers for those watermen who have lost their lives at sea.  Prayers are also offered for those who continue to go to sea, a tradition of many island families.

The boats leave Hatteras Harbor, lined up behind the oldest boat still in operation in the fleet, with family, friends, and dogs on board.  They return to the harbor, with a Coast Guard vessel bringing up the rear, to honor those who do their best to keep the watermen safe.

After the prayers, poems, and hymns, a wreath is taken to the open water of the sound.  The wreath is placed in the water and more prayers are given.  Overall, it is a very reverent occasion.

I was looking at the photos accompanying the article and came upon a photo of a young woman, with a baby stroller, and three small little girls.  The girls had their heads bowed in prayer, even the littlest one.  Not mama!  No, mama looked like she was talking on her cell phone!

I thought at first that maybe the girls were looking at something in the water, as it looks like they are standing on a dock.  But, one of them has her eyes squeezed tight, as little girls sometimes do when praying.

I hope the woman was not on the phone, that maybe she was brushing her hair out of her mouth or something that just looks like that.  But surely, if she was paying attention to the children, she would have her head bowed.  I cringe to think of the message this action may be sending to the children.

Adults are role models for children, whether we like it on not.  We should strive to be the best so our future generations are the best also.

I hope I am wrong about the picture, I truly am.

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5 Responses to adults should sometimes learn from children

  1. Yulia says:

    Yes, we are the role model for our kids, and I am totally agree that sometime we need to learn from our kids 🙂

    I have written about this too. If you don’t mind please check it : Two Ways


  2. I agree. Adults can learn from children like purity, sincerity, honesty, being uncomplicated, to dream and totally believe. I see it everyday in my son’s eyes and his views of the world. Great post!

    • Seashell says:

      It is so wonderful to look into a child’s eyes and see those things! It makes you take a second look at what they see and try to see it from their eyes.

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