rainy days and Tuesdays

It’s a dreary, rainy day.  And, since yesterday was Columbus Day, a state holiday, it’s also my Monday.  Rainy days & Mondays.

I understand the issue with Mondays, especially for people who do not work on the weekends.  Your two days of freedom from work is over and you have to go back to spending most the day behind a register, in front of a computer, breaking your back, and so on.

The rainy day, I don’t quite understand.  Rain usually doesn’t put me in a blah mood.  It’s inconvenient on days that I ride the bus, but it doesn’t affect my mood.  I think after the great weekend I had, getting back to the grind is hard.  It makes me feel blah.

It will get better in a few hours, when I get off work and ride home with my husband,  spending that time chatting about our day.  Throw in some exercise when I get home, and I’ll be smiling in no time!

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One Response to rainy days and Tuesdays

  1. You’re so lucky to like the rain!

    I think people’s problem with rain stems from Seasonal Affective Disorder. A lot of people’s happiness (mine included) has a great deal to do with the quality of the weather. The more sun, the happier they are.

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