right and wrong

What’s wrong with this?

Those occupiers, who are protesting for free college education, free health care, etc., are angry that the homeless are coming in to eat their free food.  Huh???

President Obama named pop star Shakira to the Advisory Committee on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.  Her educational background?  High school graduate.

Fire fighters received parking tickets while parked at City Hall.  The fire fighters were there to get their free flu shots, as they were encouraged to do by the city of Pittsburgh.  Because they were on duty, they had to use the fire engine as their transportation.  As the flu shots were going to be a quick thing, they parked the fire engine in spaces reserved for council members.  Let’s see, on duty serving the city, doing what the city asked them to do, parked in the only spots that were big enough for their engine….

A Miami police offer was arrested, at gunpoint, for driving 120 mph in a squad car.  After repeated warnings to stop and a 7 minute high-speed chase on Florida’s turnpike, the car finally stopped.  The reason for the high-speed?  The officer was late to his second job!

A Fort Pierce woman was arrested for drug possession after officers stopped her for public consumption of alcohol.  Searching her purse, they found a crack pipe hidden in a small Bible!

What’s right with this?

The searcher who found the missing autistic 8-year-old Robert Wood asked to remain anonymous.  He didn’t want to take away from the glory of God, who he believes led him to the little boy.

Shakira goes above and beyond most celebrities when it comes to philanthropy.  Between donations, funding a foundation that builds and supports special schools for poor children in Columbia, charity concerts, and being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she is just as busy with charity work as she is with being a superstar.

After 66 years, James Turck, a United States veteran of WWII, received a bracelet that he had lost during the war.  Italian Bruno Bernardoni found the bracelet the first time he used a metal detector given to him by his wife. After much perseverance on his part to find the owner, Mr. Turck was reunited with the bracelet given to him by his mother.

Some Richmond dentists (and probably dentists in other cities) offer a buy back program for Halloween candy.  They buy back any unopened left over Halloween candy from parents AND children, then send it to our troops overseas.

Daniel, a stray beagle in Florence, Alabama, survived the gas chamber and has been given a second chance to be adopted.  After being examined by a vet, he is in perfect health and has been rescued by the Eleventh Hour Rescue group.

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2 Responses to right and wrong

  1. The world’s gone crazy Shell. There are protesters camping outside the famous St. Pauls Cathedral in London and the church has had to close. Now, if we set up our tent there we would be moved on. I can’t understand why they allow them to stay. CRAZY world

    • Seashell says:

      Here in Richmond, they finally arrested 9 “occupiers” who were repeatedly warned that they could not camp in a city park. They had been warned last week, and then again before they started arrests. Many protesters removed their tents and left. After the given time limit, the city brought in a bulldozer to clear out all of the debris. The 9 people who continued to break the law then protested because the city bulldozed their tents!

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