my new (used) camera is here

The camera I purchased arrived last Friday.  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to use it.

I had looked and saved for a Nikon D80 SLRD camera for quite a few months now.  Nikon doesn’t make them anymore, so I knew I would be buying used.  They were just so expensive that I kept putting it off.

The Nikon D80, according to a great photographer I admire, is a good camera for a beginner.

My dear, sweet husband, knowing that I wanted this particular camera, was keeping a watch on eBay, unbeknownst to me.  When he found one at a “buy now” price $100 cheaper than anything we’ve seen before, I jumped on it.  Of course, I slept on the decision first.

I bought the camera body only.  It came with 2 batteries and a charger.  I’ve asked Santa for a few accessories – SD flash cards, camera bag & strap, a few books for beginners in SLR cameras, and a lens.  I’m not sure Santa can afford the lens, so I’m now saving for that.

I am very excited to start using it, but I can’t without a lens and flash card.  Yet, I don’t feel impatient.  I could go out and buy those items.  I do have enough saved.  But, with the upcoming holidays, I don’t want to spend the money now.  I have a few gifts I want to buy for Scuba Man so I just want to keep saving for what I need.

That’s an unusual feeling for me, this patience and saving, instead of just going out and buying.  It’s a feeling I think I like.

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10 Responses to my new (used) camera is here

  1. Congrats! D bought me a D50 kit years ago and I’m still using it. Have to admit that everything is on automatic though…always said I’d take a class or study the book I also bought but never got around to it. You have some fun to look forward to 🙂

    • Seashell says:

      Thanks T. I can’t wait to be able to use it. I’m really excited about it. Every where I look now, I think to myself “That would make a great photo”!

  2. barb19 says:

    Congrats on the new (used) camera Shell – I can’t wait to see some of the photos you take with it! You are being very good, so patient about buying a lens and a flash card – is this the new you?

    • Seashell says:

      It kind of is since earlier this year Barb! I wouldn’t have worried about putting money in our joint savings, I would have just gone out and bought it. But now, we each alot ourselves some spending money each month, so now I save my spending money for what I want instead of just spending and not adding to our joint savings.

  3. Thats great! The reward of patiently waiting for something and getting it is multiplefold.

    Know what my petience is for, right now? I am waiting for a DELL laptop (with all the works) since nearly 6 months. I hope Santa gets to read my wishlist 🙂

  4. How exciting! You should post pictures on your blog once you get the other pieces you need after Christmas!

  5. You will get so much pleasure out of your camera. Mine goes everywhere with me!

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