I found a lump…

and it totally freaked me out.  My mom and both of my sisters had breast cancer, so that’s understandable.

I had hurt for a couple of days.  I thought it was just tenderness and ‘that time of the month’ was on its way.  Except, the pain kept getting worse.

When I felt it, my first thought was to get to my doctor that very same day.  Not only was I frightened, but Scuba Man was also.  It was a very long day, as I couldn’t get an appointment until the afternoon.

My wonderful doctor diagnosed a glandular bacterial infection and put me on antibiotics.  Basically, he asked if I thought he would tell me to do a monthly self exam if I thought that a cancerous tumour would hurt.  He said it jokingly and knew I wouldn’t take offence.  I didn’t.  He had a good point.

Other than Scuba Man, I haven’t told anyone about it.  I didn’t want my family, especially my sisters, to worry until I knew what it was.  It was nothing a strong dose of medicine couldn’t take care of.  Thank God!

I was so relieved that I had to have myself a good cry later on that day.

I sometimes feel it is inevitable that I will get breast cancer.  I am the sister who has a higher risk.  I’ve never had children and I’m overweight.  But, both of my sisters got it, those two thin mothers.

I pray that if I ever do get cancer, I can handle it with the strength my sisters had.  They are an inspiration.

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11 Responses to I found a lump…

  1. I pray and hope you live a long, healthy and happy life 🙂
    Positive reinforcements have strength. So does negative. So, opt for the positive one!

  2. OMG Shell, you scared me when I saw the title of your post in my emails!.
    Breast cancer is a big fear with me. I pay for screening every year scans and ultrasounds. plus swab tests for ovarian cancer. IT scares me. SOOOOO glad you are OK as it is a silet kikker.

    I am in the process of completely changing my diet and healthwise it has already made such a difference. Without trying I have now lost 10lb in a month.

    Speak soon

  3. Hi Seashell – I came across your blog, and my heart goes out to you – when it runs in the family, a person gets worried, and rightfully so…but many times it doesn’t happen…the only thing that one can do is to enjoy life, day by day, eat right, get exercise, and above all, don’t fret (easier said than done). Since getting my cancer, I’ve come to know a lot cancer fighters/survivors, and they will tell you the same thing – live the day with everything you have, be grateful for experiencing that day, and you notice that that in itself is usually the trick. I’m glad that it ended up being a “scare” – be well, and continue enjoying life!

  4. barb19 says:

    Glad it turned out not to be what you thought it might be. Still, it must have been very scary for both you and Scuba Man.
    Stay positive, eat sensibly and exercise when you can.

  5. I’m SO glad that it wasn’t cancer! How positively scary! All the women on my mom’s side of the family have had breast cancer, but they’ve all been tested and it has not been the genetic type, thank God. Have your sisters and you been tested for the gene?

  6. Seashell says:

    My one sister has been tested and she doesn’t have the BRAC genes. I haven’t been, but I need to check into that. My mom and my other sister were never tested. My other sister says she doesn’t want to know because she doesn’t want her daughters to worry. I can’t talk any sense into her.

    • Well, that’s good that you know for sure that one sister doesn’t have it! That’s some sort of relief!

      I’m surprised that she would think not knowing about the gene would cause less worry. At least the way I see it (and it truly isn’t my place to say any of this), it would provoke a lot less anxiety, if you did know. If you have the gene, you know what to look out for and would be able to catch it very early on, thus preventing a truly terrible case, and if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have to worry about your high risk of getting it.

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