a good kind of exhaustion

It’s fall here in Virginia.  That means leaves.  Billions of leaves.

Ok, maybe not billions, but it feels like it.  With 5 oak trees in our yard and another 8 within 5 feet of our yard, we couldn’t see the grass through all the leaves.  It doesn’t help that we spent the last two weekends at the beach and didn’t rake.

Yesterday, Scuba Man and I raked and carted off leaves all afternoon.  I would rake them into long lines and he would mulch them.  There toward the end, when we were getting exhausted and the sun was setting, I took an empty trash can and kept loading it up with leaves and dumping it my truck while he still mulched.  We took 3 truck loads of firmly packed leaves to the dump and we’re only about 2/3 finished with the yard.

The bad part is there are still plenty of leaves left on the trees!  I’m sure we have at least one, but probably two more weekends of raking.  It’s the cost of living in a neighborhood with a lot of beautiful trees.

The good part is the fun we had.  There is just something about being outdoors in the fall, working with the one you love.   Pausing for kisses, laughing, and just helping each other make the leaves seem less of a chore.

We topped off the day with a steak dinner, a soak in the hot tub, and the Texas Longhorns football game.  It was a wonderful day!

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6 Responses to a good kind of exhaustion

  1. barb19 says:

    What is it about hard work and feeling good? When I’ve been out in the yard, working for hours, and stand back and look at what I’ve achieved, I get a deep sense of satisfaction – never mind that I am filthy, my back is aching and I feel exhausted!
    Doing stuff like that together like you did, would be double the feeling! Then to top it off with dinner and a soak in the hot tub – well, what more can I say? A perfect day all round!

  2. I can relate to your feelings about leaves. We used to have loads of them. One day I caught the children throwing them back over our neighbours garden. 😳
    I also used to compost them or burn them. We were allowed bonfires in those days 🙂

  3. It sounds like you managed to turn a could be yucky task into a fun one! It’s always easier to tackle big projects with someone else, and it makes them much more enjoyable.

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