most of you will think this is a waste of money

But, I don’t care.  It makes me darn happy.  I bought myself a Christmas gift.

You are now reading the blog of someone who owns a (very small) piece of an NFL team.  I bought a share of stock in the Green Bay Packers.

The stock can split, but the value will never actually go up.  There is no dividend.  It cannot be sold, but it can be willed to a family member.  So, yes, I paid money for a certificate that says I own a share of stock in the Packers.

By now, most of you are thinking how foolish I am.  That it’s a waste of money.  If I was looking at it from an investment point of view, it would be a waste.  But I’m looking at it as something exciting.  This is my team!  This has been my team for a very long time.  And now, I own a minuscule part of my team!

I am crazy excited about this.  I can’t wait to get my stock certificate, even though they won’t even start mailing them until Friday.  I want to frame it and hang it where I can see it every day.  Scuba Man just kind of chuckles about it.  He indulges me so much.

I wanted to be that guy in the stands yesterday wearing the cheese head hat that said “NFL Owner”.   Ok, I want to be any guy (or girl) in the stands at any game in Lambeau field.  I’ll get there one of these days.  Until then…


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5 Responses to most of you will think this is a waste of money

  1. Jeremey says:


  2. That’s so neat! I had no idea that you could own a part of a sports team!

    • Seashell says:

      I think the Packers are the only team you can buy shares of stock in. The fans are the owners. There is a limit on how many shares of stock one person can buy, so no one has the power to run the team as the leading stockholder. I think all of the other NFL teams are privately owned. It was the fact that the Packers were fan owned that turned them into my favorite team many, many years ago.

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