subscription addiction

Should we subscribe to someone’s blog just because they subscribe to ours?

This is a question I struggle with every time I get a new subscriber.  I subscribe to 21 WordPress blogs, some of which are daily, some weekly, and some when the writer decides to write.  I also subscribe to 5 or so other blogs, but these are mostly financial and zen type blogs.  They are also mostly daily blogs.

I have 338 unread blog posts sitting in my email folder right now.  I try to get to the WordPress blogs first, when I have time to read.  Lately, my blog reading time has been very limited, although I may catch up a little on vacation.  I think I’m up to December 14th in my WP blogs.

That’s probably the biggest reason I hesitate to subscribe to any new blogs.  I always check out the blog of others who subscribe to mine, but I haven’t subscribed to any new ones for quite a while.  I just don’t have the time to keep up with them.

Work has been extremely busy.  Add to that the chores at home, the Christmas preparations and festivities, and wanting to work on the house so we can sell it in a couple of years, my free time is very limited.

So, what to do?  I would love to subscribe to everyone that subscribes to me, but is it fair when I don’t know when I will ever get around to reading them?

Do you subscribe to everyone that subscribes to you?  As a blogger, does it bother you when you subscribe to someone who doesn’t subscribe back?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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5 Responses to subscription addiction

  1. LeRoy Dean says:

    I don’t subscribe to everyone who follows my blog and I don’t expect someone to follow me just because I follow them. As you well know, following and writing blogs, especially daily blogs, is time-consuming. Sounds like you are overloaded right now.

    Thank you for following my blog. I will be posting less than daily from now on. I appreciate you! By the way, did you know that you were the first one to subscribe to my blog? Merry Christmas!

    • Seashell says:

      I was? I guess I know a good thing when I read it. Your posts constantly inspire me. Thank you for that.

      Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with lots of love, laughter, and happiness.

  2. barb19 says:

    Like you, when I get a new subscriber, I always check out their blog, but don’t always subscribe to theirs, as much as I want to reciprocate. It makes me feel bad, but unless I can give their blog quality time, I don’t see much point. It’s very time consuming for me to keep up with my blogging buddies now, and I’m hoping that once the postaday and postaweek challenges end, that things will calm down a little!
    It will be interesting to see more comments on your post Shell, so I will be following closely!

  3. I know just what you’re talking about! I’m super behind on reading posts right now. The holidays and college application whirlwind have left me so exhausted and busy. I’ve got a million deadlines looming, and there never seems to be enough time. It can be difficult to scrape out the time to write my own posts somedays!

    I don’t always subscribe back. As much as I love new readers, I’m sometimes not interested in the topics their blogs cover. Someone who only writes about hockey probably isn’t going to get subscribed to, unless they start regularly commenting on my blog. I feel bad about it, but I don’t have enough time to read everything. It’s a tough call, but one that I unfortunately have to make.

    Thank you for always making the time to comment on my blog!

    • Seashell says:

      It’s funny when I go to the blog of a new subscriber and their blog doesn’t interest me at all. It makes me wonder what they see in my blog that I don’t see in theirs.

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