the apartment with the train

My favourite aunt, as I was growing up, was my Aunt Carolyn.  Unfortunately, she left us way too soon.

She was my momma’s sister.  Although we didn’t live close to one another, we wrote letters back and forth.  She encouraged my imagination through those letters, asking about my imaginary friends and adventures.  It was very special to me that I had an adult in my life that was interested in what I had to say.  I know my folks were, but that’s different.  You expect them to be interested.

One of my favorite memories of her was the time I got to spend at her apartment one summer.  It was a ground floor apartment, so going outside to play was very handy.  Aunt Carolyn would let me help her with the chores and the baby, would sit and play games with me, actually tuck me in at night, and we would put my cousin in the stroller and go walking.  She made me feel like she was not only my aunt, but also my friend.  I don’t remember watching any  television there, but I was never bored.

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The thing I remember most about staying there were the trains.  The yard outside of the apartment ended at a big white wall, with the trains on the other side.  The wall looked huge to a small girl, but it was short enough that we could see the engineer when the trains passed by.  Every time Aunt Carolyn told me a train was coming, I rushed outside to wave.  I thought it was the most fun ever!  The kind engineers would always wave back to the little girl jumping up and down, waving at them with the big smile on her face.  This is where my love affair with wanting to travel by train started.

I miss my aunt.  Like my mom, I could talk to her about anything.  I believe there is a special bond between a niece and her aunt when that aunt is her mom’s sister.    I don’t know why that is, but I sense that with my sister’s girls also.  It’s as nice a feeling being the aunt as it was being the niece.

I miss you Aunt Carolyn.  I know you and mom are together, with Nan, watching over us all.

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4 Responses to the apartment with the train

  1. barb19 says:

    Beautiful tribute to your Aunt Carolyn, and special memories that will be with you forever.
    I think you are right about aunts and nieces – I enjoy the same kind of relationship with my brother’s daughters.

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