this house guest may literally stink after three days

They say that house guests, like fish, start to stink after three days.  By the time our house guest leaves, he may actually stink!

We have been pet sitting my sister’s dog while she is on vacation.  Cody got here on Thursday and will be here at least until a week from today.  I’m not sure what kind of dog he is, but he’s cute, shaggy, friendly, and lovable.  He’s a little bigger than Pockets, but is scared to death of him.  Cody has never seen a cat before, and he’s been introduced to one that loves to wrestle with a dog 3 times his size.

It’s taking a bit of adjustment for everyone.  We are not used to having such a small dog, one that is an actual lap dog instead of a 34 pound, wannabe lap dog.  Cody is a very laid back, little activity dog.  Willow is not.  She always wants to play, but she can’t get Cody to play with her.

Sunshine buddies - Willow and Cody soaking up the sun.

They all three are jealous of each other.  For Pockets and Willow, this is natural between them anyway.  Add Cody to the mix, a dog that is in a strange place(even thought he’s been here with his mommy and daddy many times), with two people that he loves, he wants to be on our laps or near us all the time.

Of course, we indulge him, as we do the other two.  As I tend to anthropomorphisize animals, I worry about Willow and Pockets being jealous, maybe feeling like mommy and daddy don’t love them as much any more.  Wondering why mommy and daddy brought this interloper into the house.

I also worry about Cody.   I know he misses home and his parents.  I know it’s hard for him to be away even though he’s know us since he was a puppy.  I worry about him feeling like an outcast.  I try not to treat him too differently than the other two, but it’s hard.  It’s like I just want to pick him up and cuddle him and tell him everything will be okay.

I know this is strange behaviour, thinking of animals as having human emotions.  It’s the mothering instinct in me that I never had the opportunity to express until we adopted Willow.  But they are my babies, all three of them right now, and I don’t know of any other way I could be.

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6 Responses to this house guest may literally stink after three days

  1. Hi Shell,
    I am sure dogs like children are pretty resilient! LOL 🙂 Don’t worry…

  2. barb19 says:

    Don’t worry about them so much shell, animals are very good at adapting and finding their place.
    I was worried about leaving Poppy with my friend for a whole month when I went to the UK last year. My friend has her own dog and Poppy has known them since birth but I was still concerned. I needn’t have been, because within two days of me leaving her, Poppy had adjusted to the change, and was ruling the roost! Never a second thought for me ;( until I came home and she saw me in the flesh!
    From what you say, you are doing fine with the three of them, so just carry on the way you are; they will sort themselves out!

  3. I’m sure you’re doing well with all three of them! I find myself worrying if I’m distributing my affection evenly between all three of my cats all the time. You’re not alone!

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