the really big green rug

One of the drawbacks of living on an island is the lack of choices when it comes to shopping.  If you’re not looking for touristy items, there is rarely more than one good store to shop at, and most of the time, even those are off island and at least a 5o minute drive away.

We had been wanted to get an area rug for the beach house living room for several months now.  Over our Christmas vacation down here, we went to the furniture store to look at them.  We found several that we liked, but they cost almost as much as the furniture!  We were unwilling to pay over $1,000 for a rug that will have sand ground into by the end of the year.  It is impossible to keep sand out of a beach house.

So we did what people do that don’t live close to major shopping areas, we went online.  The positive to this is that there are so many choices in so many price ranges.  The negative, we can’t see what the rugs look like in person.  We were willing to take the chance for the price savings.

We found a rug that we liked, a sage green, long pile rug.  But, it didn’t come in the size we needed.  Our measurements were 9 x 11 feet.  We had to go either a little smaller or a little bigger.  We chose bigger, 10 x 13, because the measurements we had taken did leave a good part of the floor bare.  Or so we thought.

Since the rug was being delivered with only 2 days notice, we realised we would need to have it delivered to Richmond, since someone needed to be home and we couldn’t guarantee we could be down here with so little notice.  It was delivered Thursday, just a few hours before we were leaving to come down.  The delivery guy even helped Scuba Man put it on top of our SUV.

We had no problem getting it down here.  The truck was parked underneath the house, so we left it until Friday morning before unloading.  My wonderfully strong husband unloaded it by himself and carried it up the steps while I moved the chairs and side tables out-of-the-way and cleaned the floor.  All before I had my first cup of coffee!

The extra 1 foot in width and 2 feet in length floored us!  Excuse the pun…  The rug was so much bigger than we expected.  Looking at it, we knew we would have to have part of it under the sofa.  It took Scuba Man several minutes to figure out how we were going to get it in place, as we had very little manoeuvring room.  It was a case of move it a few inches here, step back and look, then think about the next move.  In between all this, he was working remotely, taking phone calls and answering chats!  My hero…

It’s now in place and looks great.  The bigger size is a blessing, as so much more of the bare floor is covered.  The living room seems warmer and more cozy.   Willow and Pockets enjoy lying on it, and I can go barefoot without my feet getting cold.

All that and we saved at least $600 dollars!  Life is good.

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4 Responses to the really big green rug

  1. Jeremey says:

    I’m glad it worked out. I personally would’ve gone with an avocado shag. There’s nothing like laying on a furry vegetable. Tell scuba man he’s my hero too. I mean wow, he was working remote while working to make his wife happy! This is an art I’ve yet to master.

  2. barb19 says:

    Wow, you saved heaps by purchasing the rug online, you canny wee lassie!
    I’m glad the bigger size fits so well and makes your place feel cozier – how about a pic? Willow and Pockets approve, and you don’t get cold feet anymore from walking barefoot! It’s a win/win situation! Your hero is worth his weight in gold!

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