I am lazy and lethargic

I think I’m a lazy person.  Scuba Man would dispute that, but many times I feel like I’m being lazy.

Although I know that writing this isn’t what a lazy person would do, it seems like a lazy endeavour, a luxury to sit and write.  It’s doesn’t feel productive to me.  Cleaning the bathroom feels more productive.  Reading seems like a luxury to me also.  As does photography.

I always feel in the back of my mind that I should be doing something more productive.  There is so much to do to get ready to sell the house in Richmond.  The faster I can get it finished, the faster we call sell it.

During the week, when I get home from work, there is exercise, errands to run, dinner to make and clean up, chores to do.  I may get an hour or so of relaxation, to unwind before bed.  These are the things needed to keep the house running on a daily basis.  There seems to be no time during the week for the big things.

That leaves the weekends, when I’m trying to recuperate from the work week.  This is where I really feel lazy.  I’m tired, don’t feel like doing any work, yet if I don’t, I feel lazy.  Then I fret about not getting it done and never being able to sell the house.  I would feel even worse if the housing market had recovered and houses were actually selling in a reasonable amount of time.

I wonder if that will ever happen.

I know that I am like this because of the way I was raised.  As kids, as soon as we were old enough to help around the house, we were given chores.  My mom would do the laundry and cook dinner, but us kids did most everything else; clean the bathrooms, scrub the floors, dust, vacuüm, iron, wash dishes – we had no dishwasher.  Only after we finished our chores, and our homework during the school year, were we allowed to have fun.  I saw my mom sitting and reading, or watching TV a lot, while we kids did the chores.   That really sent mixed signals to me.

That why I feel lazy when I work on my hobbies.  I know it’s silly, but I just can’t help it.  I run out of energy quicker than I did 20 years ago and would rather sit and write, or read.  I am not one of those people who can’t sit still, like my sister.  She always needs to be up and doing something.  That’s probably why her house is spotless. Although she no longer works outside of the house, even when she did, it was the same.  I obviously do not have her energy.

I don’t how know to get more energetic.  I have started to exercise on a more regular basis, in the hope that once I get used to it I will have more energy.  Maybe I need a B12 shot or something like that.  I take vitamins, along with Co-Q 10, but it only helps so much.  Maybe it’s because I need to eat healthier.  Until I find out why I don’t have energy, can someone lend me some…Please???

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6 Responses to I am lazy and lethargic

  1. LeRoy Dean says:

    We owe it to ourselves each day to live by choice, not dictation. If you don’t write…what will I read.

  2. barb19 says:

    I’m like you shell, I feel guilty if I’m not doing something productive and I know it’s because of the way I was brought up; old habits die hard.
    I think you will feel better once you finish the Richmond house and get it off your hands; it’s using up your energy both physically and mentally. But then, you need that energy to get it finished, it’s a vicious circle.
    Your physical next month might reveal that your body is actually lacking in something which can be fixed with medication.
    Sorry I can’t be more help and I would gladly send you some energy if I could find it!

  3. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s the winter, and it’s darker outside. Seasons have a lot of do with people’s energy and mood.

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