B is for Beach

Avon has beautiful beaches.  Actually, on the ocean side, it’s one, long, beautiful beach.  On the bay side, they are broken up some by bulkheads at the end of residential roads.

The beaches on the sound side aren’t used too often for sun worshippers and swimmers.  The wind surfers and kite boarders claim it as their own.  On windy days, those folks crowd the biggest part of the beach.  The bay comes alive with bright, vivid, rainbows of color.

the sound side beach

Late fall and early spring are the best time to be there to watch, as that’s when surfers/boarders come from all over the United States to play.  It is said around the village that it is one of the top 3 places to surf/board in the country.

Sometimes, a kite boarder  or two will brave the ocean side, but mainly it’s the real surfboard surfers.  They are awesome to watch and you can find them most any time of the year.

The ocean side beaches, the ones we frequent the most, are special and changing with each season.  In the winter, it’s cold and really windy.  They’re mostly empty, with a few fishermen here and there.  You don’t want to go down there, but the ocean is calling you and you have to go down and say hello to it.  Not to mention that, no matter how cold it is, Willow wants to play on the beach!

the beautiful beach and wild ocean

Spring is nice.  The wind has calmed down and the sun warms the air.  The water is still very cold, but not so cold that you sometimes have to dip your feet in just because you can.  There are more people on the beach, walking or playing with their dogs.  Children start building sand castles.  Your body is so tired of being bundled up that you sometimes don’t wear clothes enough to keep you warm.

Summer.  Ahhh, glorious summer.  The beaches are the Avon version of crowded.  There must be 5 or so yards between the blankets.  You can hear the music for a few different radios.  Children are running around playing ball or in the water.  Bodies glisten with suntan oil.  Young and old alike fly kites.  The water is warm and dogs must be leashed.  Actually, dogs are supposed to be leashed all year round, but many people sneak around that rule at other times of the year.  The bright blankets, umbrellas, and clothing really make the beach seem alive.

Fall is my favorite.  It may be turning just a bit chilly, but the sun beating down keeps you warm.  The water hasn’t yet gotten cold.  Kids are back in school and the beaches again are fairly quiet.  The late vacationers kick back and relax without the hustle and bustle of summer.   It’s the most peaceful time.

All year long the beach is backed by the ever-changing dunes, making it feel so private.  They are fronted by the wild and ever-changing Atlantic ocean.  The way I feel about it will never change.

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7 Responses to B is for Beach

  1. I am LOVING the pictures! I can’t wait to see more! It’s gorgeous!

    Great post! The beach is the most wonderful place on earth.

  2. barb19 says:

    I enjoyed the trip through the seasons at your beaches in Avon – no wonder you want to live there permanently, it’s beautiful, and your photos are awesome!

  3. I really love the pic of the ocean. I am looking forward to more picturesof the ocean and beach 🙂

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