25 minutes, 3 times a day

I was catching up on my blog reading today.  Not my WordPress blog reading, but those sites that are professionally written to give advice, the ones where I read the whole post in my email.  The blog I was reading was from You, Simplified, on August 15, 2011.  The link has since been removed, so I can’t link to it.

The post was talking about our passions, those things that matter the most to us.  How our passions help make us more authentic.  It says we need to find more time for our passions.  The writer suggests committing to a 25 minute block 3 times a day.

Seriously?  That is a total of an hour and fifteen minutes.  The only way I could do that is to lose sleep because I don’t have that much free time in my day.   How many people who work fulltime, inside or outside the home(yes, stay at home moms/dads, I’m talking to you also) can find time for that?  Maybe if you have a fulltime cook and maid.  Maybe if you’re a professional blogger.

The whole suggestion of spending 1 1/4 hours on my passion(s) is very appealing, but then I would have to decide what I would have to give up to find that time.  Which chores can wait that I may never have the time to get to?  Certainly not laundry, paying bills, meals, cleaning – not only for health reasons but for aesthetic reasons also.  I can’t give up what little time I spend on exercising, as I need to exercise to stay healthy.

Since I multi-task when watching a TV program, giving up TV wouldn’t matter much.  I’m usually writing a blog post or book review, paying bills,  crocheting, going through mail, etc.  I don’t really like doing that, but I think laughter is important, and like to watch a comedy to make sure I laugh every day, even if I can’t give it my undivided attention.

So basically, that means sleep.  I would then be a total grump 24 x 7.  Just ask Scuba Man.  I am a person who needs 7+ hours of sleep a night, plus a good nap on the weekend.  I’m a grump today as I didn’t get my nap in this weekend and I stayed up too late last night watching football.  Not that I planned to, I just didn’t watch the clock.  After all, it was a good game.  🙂

So, 25 minutes 3 times a day is out of the question.  Maybe I can find 25 minutes a day.  I need it.  I deserve it, and so do you.

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5 Responses to 25 minutes, 3 times a day

  1. barb19 says:

    Who are they kidding? I’d never get ANYTHING done!

  2. They are obviously retired or work on the principle, busy people get more done.
    Sounds like they are away with the fairies to me!

  3. It is very hard to fit something like this into your life, but I know from my experience that if you care enough about it, you will make it work. When I was still in school and regularly staying up until two a.m. to finish homework, I still made time for at least an hour of writing. It mattered enough that I was willing to lose sleep for it. But there is a huge difference between being fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and sleeping about four hours a night for four nights a week and being in your forties and doing that. It’s easier to lose sleep and still be able to function while you’re young. Having that amount of time as a working adult must be even more difficult. I think the trick is just caring intensely enough about whatever it is that you are willing to make sacrifices for it.

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