I wanted to paint a picture today

Actually, I wanted to snap a photo, but I don’t take my camera to work with me, and the window glass was dirty.  The windows are screwed shut for some reason ( to stop people from jumping maybe?), or I would bring my camera to work sometimes to take a few photos.

I work on the eighth floor of a downtown office building, so I get a really good view out of the windows.  The water fountain is in an alcove with a big window.  This is my favorite window to look out of.

I looked out this afternoon and the scene was so enchanting.  The sky was a beautiful blue.  In the foreground, there were a few big, puffy, gray, rain clouds, just hanging in the sky.  They went from light to dark in color.  In contrast to that, in the background were several white clouds.  The kind you see on a mostly clear day.

The rest of the photo would be the cityscape.  From that side of the building, all you can see are the older homes and buildings.  These are the ones made of brick and look their age close up.  From my elevation, you can’t see whether they are well taken care of or left to deteriorate.  They just look cool.  There are no skyscrapers or modern buildings in view.

You can see the train station and the railroad bridge over the roads.  Today, there was a coal train stopped on the bridge.  The coal was a rounded mound in the open cars.

You can see the main road through the city, as the building is on that road.  Close to the building it slopes down to a bridge that crosses over Interstate 95.  After the bridge and the elevated railroad tracks, it starts a steep upward slope.  There is a steady stream of cars on the road, going in both directions.  You can also see Interstate 95 and the circle ramp that leads onto it.  They also have a steady stream of traffic, at a much faster speed.

There is road past the railroad tracks, that crosses the main road.  To the distant east, is another steep uphill road the runs north-east, not matching any the roads that form the north/south, east/west squares.  As always, pedestrians are walking.

Seeing all of this put together, in that one moment, took my breath away.

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4 Responses to I wanted to paint a picture today

  1. Do you paint? Sounds like a great theme if so…

  2. barb19 says:

    You didn’t need your camera Shell, I got a perfectly good picture of what you could see from that window – you described it perfectly, and I could imagine it all!

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