The Artist

Scuba Man and I went to the movies today, first time in quite a while.  We went to see The Artist.  I must say, he was very unsure of the movie I picked.  He had not heard of it, and the thought of watching a silent movie wasn’t appealing.  But, he’s a good sport.

The movie was great!  Done in black and white, if it weren’t for the clear quality of the film, you would actually think it was an original silent movie.  The music was like the old-time silent film music, the kind that would have been played by a live orchestra at the theater.

Bérénice Bejo plays Peppy Miller in The Artist. Photo from

The actors were wonderful.  With no words, they expressed themselves so well that the plot was very easy to follow.  It was so good that at times, it brought tears to my eyes, or a smile to my face.  All of this without speaking.  To me, being able to convey that range of emotion without words takes incredible skill.

In the golden age of Hollywood, a silent movie star meets an up and coming starlet.  He saves her from being kicked off his movie set, and a forever friendship is born.  As the age of “talkies” begin, the studio decides they need new faces, and the actor fades from the public’s view.  Meanwhile,  the starlet becomes the darling of the talking movies and her career soars.  As she rises and he falls, she still is in love with him although he doesn’t want her to be.

I don’t want to say more, as I don’t want to give the plot away too much.  This movie was a breath of fresh air and I can see why it’s has 10 nominations for the Oscars, including best picture.  I hope it wins.

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