the chocolate lover’s wine

I tried a new wine yesterday, Chocolate Shop.  They call it the chocolate lover’s wine, red wine with natural dark chocolate flavor.  They’re right.

When I pour a glass of new wine, the first thing I do is smell it.  I can usually get an idea of the taste by the smell.  This wine smelled decadent.  It smelled like dark chocolate, with just a hint of alcohol.

But it was also strange to see red wine in my glass.  I usually drink white wine, as red wine is too dry for my taste.

It’s a dessert wine, very much on the sweet side.  The first flavor that hits your tongue is the dark chocolate, with a slight wine after taste.  It’s quite nice, but as it’s a dessert wine, you can’t drink more than about a half glass.  That’s okay with me, because I rarely drink more than that anyway.

We tried two other wines last night also, both by a company called Oliver.  The first was a honey mead and the other was a honey black cherry wine.  They both tasted horrible.  It was the first time we’ve ever just dumped two bottles of wine down the sink drain.

I think we made out well, with one out of three.  Maybe next time we’ll hit two out of three.

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