and the award goes to … me?

I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award!  I don’t get too excited about these type of awards, as they’re basically memes, but they’re still fun.  I thought that I had already gotten this award and blogged about it, but I couldn’t find any post with the award.

A big thank you for this award goes out to Dave & Aly over at Algarve Blog.  They write about their move to live in Portugal.  The writing is accompanied by awesome photos.  You need to stop by and check it out.  Congratulations Dave & Aly for winning the Liebster award!

Accepting this award has a few simple rules:

You need to thank, congratulate, and link to the blog of the person that awarded you the Liebster.  I think that’s taken care of!

Nominate 5 people whose blogs you enjoy, award them the Liebster, and notify them about their nomination.  As Liebster means dearest, I thought I would send this out to some of my dearest blogging buddies who I don’t think have been nominated yet, and also mention some of my other dearests.  Unfortunately, I could only find 4 people to nominate.  😦

1)  The Queen of Zoom at Back Seat View.  She writes about her motorcycle trips and posts pictures from the rides also.  She also writes about her family, including her dogs, who are so cute!

2)  Kristin at The Settlers Give it Passion.  I live life a little vicariously through Kristin’s blog.  She had a life long dream of living in New York City, and has accomplished that dream!  I love reading her stories about the city and her life.  Congratulations Kristin, on your engagement!

3)  Butch at Wordsmith’s Desk is a beautiful writer.  He writes poems and prose and things that make you think.  His posts are special.  I love reading them.

4)  Author Analysis is a teen writing mostly book reviews, but a little about her life also.  She writes a mixture of reviews about YA books and more adult books.  Some of her reviews are so good that I had to check the book out of the library to read, including some YA books, even though I’m well past the age of reading that genre.  She doesn’t post often, but when she does, it’s a good read.

Two if my favorite blogging buddies I would have nominated, but didn’t because they really don’t seem to get into the awards.

1) Ella posts at Eleanor Called Ella.  She’s a terrific, almost an adult, writer.  Her posts blow me away.  I read them and cannot believe they are written by an 18-year-old, beautiful, young woman.  I expect to see her name on the front covers of books one day.

2) Mike writes and dishes out humor at The Mike/Mitch project.  His blog started out as a tale of working his way through all the recipes in Mitch Omer’s Damn Good Food cookbook.  I am eagerly awaiting his next big project, now that he’s accomplished that goal along with gaining a few pounds.  Definitely go back and read his past posts, it’s worth it.

And then, there are my dearests who have already won the award, but they are so dear I just have to mention them.

Barb writes at Passionate About Pets & People.  Barb posts about the bond between us humans and those who love us most, out pets.  Posts about her life in Queensland are thrown in for our reading pleasure also.

Pip was my very first blogging buddy and subscriber.  She writes fun and interesting posts about her life in Portugal at Piglet in Portugal.  It’s amusing to read about her trials and tribulations of being a Brit trying to get along in a country where she doesn’t much speak the language.

There you have it.  The award winners and a few of my dearest blogging buddies thrown in for good measure.

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14 Responses to and the award goes to … me?

  1. barb19 says:

    Congratulations on the well deserved award Shell!
    I am tickled pink to be considered one of your dearest blogging buddies, along with PiP – thank you!

  2. Congratulations Shell the award is well deserved, and yes I did think you already had it 🙂
    Awww Shell, thank you! You me and Barb have come a long way together. People come and go but it’s nice we are all still together.
    BTW you are far from a meme dear friend 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning me! And thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement. It means so much to me, especially when I was struggling a lot early last year. I’m so glad to have made friends with so many wonderful people on the internet!

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