e is for excitement

Kinnakeeters find their excitement in little things.  It’s such a sleepy little town, there actually isn’t much excitement.  A celebration anywhere on the island is attended by a lot of  people from the all of the villages, including Avon.

This past year, because of the hurricane, the annual Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation’s fun run was moved to Avon.  Given that it’s growing larger every year, it may just stay there.  There is a live band.  People of all ages show up dressed in pink to do the run, from toddlers in strollers to grandparents.  Little girls in pink tutus, hot pink feather boas, big bright pink bows, men dressed in pink.  There’s even someone to spray paint your hair pink. White doves are released at the start of the run.  Some folks run and others walk.  This year, there was also a couple of dogs, one who decided to take a swim in the pond after the run.  They raised $8,000.

An important event that draws Kinnakeeters is the annual Blessing of the Boats.  As a fishing village, this  ceremony means a lot.  The boats are blessed and a wreath is tossed in the bay in memory of all who have lost their lives at sea.  The Coast Guard gets a place of honour in the parade of boats as a thank you.  It’s not a festival, but a serious occasion that folks are excited to attend.

There’s the community fair, the Bike to the Light, the Halloween party and many dances to celebrate together and to raise money for charity.  But, everyone eagerly awaits the Christmas Parade.  It’s pretty big deal.  We’re not talking Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  We’re talking home-made floats, clowns riding bikes, kid’s teams marching, the volunteer firemen in their engines.  It just a small town, local parade but young and old alike have fun.

The great community spirit, celebrating and being together, makes most any event exciting.

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7 Responses to e is for excitement

  1. I’m intrigued what are Kinnakeeters?

  2. I love small town parades!

    Avon sounds so British, but Kinnakeet sounds more Southern and natural.

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