f is for friends

In Avon, friends are made slowly.  Locals are friendly to the tourists, but friendships with tourists aren’t really made.  It’s hard to make friends in the busy season, you’re just too busy working.

But, as quasi-locals, we have made friends there.  By seeing someone frequently, especially in the off-season, the locals start to remember you and they accept you as someone who is not a tourist.  It’s a warm feeling to be greeted like a friend at the grocery store or pizza place or most anywhere in town.

We’re no longer looked at as just home owners out to make a buck on renting their home.  We’re here too often.  The people who know us here, know this is where we want to live full-time, and that makes a difference to them.  They know they can get to know us and we won’t just up and leave after a week of vacation.  They realise they will see us again and again, so a true friendship can be forged.

We have wonderful friends in Avon.  We get together with them, watch football together, visit them at work (which is mostly possible in the off-season), go to their parties, and generally do the things friends everywhere do.  We just can’t do it full-time yet.  But we still keep in touch the way distant friends do everywhere, email, Facebook, Google+, etc.

We know, that over time, we’ll make more and more friends there.  When we finally do move to Avon full-time, it will make the transition away from the suburbs to a small village easier.  After all, it already feels like home.

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3 Responses to f is for friends

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  2. ferragudofan says:

    great post! And I know what you mean – ‘our’ little village very quickly felt like home and meant the ‘transition’ was much easier! It is hard to make friends sometimes – especially if people run restaurants or work in the tourist industry as they work such long hours – and we have actually found our best friends via blogging! 🙂

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