I got stuck by pins and needles

Not exactly pins, but needles.  I tried acupuncture Monday.  It was…strange but relaxing.

I seem to be exhausted most of the time, physically exhausted.  I’m too young for that!  I talked to my family doctor about it, and he changed my medication, but that didn’t help.

I had considered acupuncture and had investigated it quite thoroughly, but never tried it.  I wanted to see if acupuncture could help.  Everything I had read about it said it could. A couple of months ago, there was a groupon for it, so I thought, why not now?  It was a very good deal, almost 75% off the normal price.

I was a bit apprehensive when I first met the Chinese young woman who is my acupuncturist, but she put me right at ease.  She asked medical and lifestyle questions, took my pulse, and looked at my tongue.  She said that helps her find the energy level at which my organs are functioning (I think).

I then laid on the table as she explained what she was going to do, how it might feel as the needles were going in, and some effects I might feel once the needles were in.  Then she started putting in the needles.

The needles are very, very fine.  Except for a very few, I barely felt them going in.  She started with my scalp, then forehead, then hands, knees, calves, and feet.  Then she said to just relax and she would be in to check on me in a few minutes.

I lay there, not feeling the needles at all, but occasionally feeling strange sensations in different parts of my body.  I can’t explain what they felt like, it just didn’t feel normal.  It didn’t hurt at all.  In about a half hour, it was over.  I felt a little pressure when the needles were removed, but only because she pressed beside each needle as she removed it.

She then explained to me some of the things I should do to help the acupuncture work better.  Things like eating a hot breakfast with a hard-boiled egg, eating hot/warm meals or drinking a cup of warm water before eating anything cold, etc.  I left feeling no different.

Tuesday morning, I woke up and didn’t feel physically tired.  I didn’t have an abundance of energy, but I was not tired.  I felt that same way for most of the day.  As I sit here typing this now, I do not feel physically tired.  I haven’t felt totally exhausted since the treatment.  Maybe it’s psychosomatic or maybe it’s real.  Only time will tell.  I go back to her next week for treatment number two.

I have felt physically broken for the past few months.  I am hoping this can fix me!

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4 Responses to I got stuck by pins and needles

  1. barb19 says:

    It sounds positive, but time will tell, and I will be interested to know how you are feeling before your next visit for treatment #2. But you are off to a good start Shell, let’s hope it fixes the problem.

    • Seashell says:

      It’s Friday, and today, I did wake up physically tired. That’s progress for me. It’s been a super busy week for me, so that may have something to do with it to. I’ll keep you posted with the progress.

  2. Acupuncture is really good, it is very effective and normal prices.

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