is this what is now trending on Facebook?

It seems that in the last several weeks, a new trend is popping up on Facebook.  It’s made me seriously think about giving it up.  The new trend, at least among several of my FB friends, is horrifying pictures.

I’m talking babies in trash cans, tortured animals, and those kind of things.  Things that make me cry.

There have always been depressing updates from people.  Some whining about things they want and can’t have, some complaining constantly about their health, or dramas that should remain private being played out in public in their updates.  You can pretty much skip those updates.  Within the first few words, I know which to skip and which to continue reading.

With pictures, it’s different.  Especially for me, as my eyes can’t always see enough detail to make me want to skip enlarging it.  I love looking at photos on Facebook.  I love seeing my family and friends, places they’ve been, the new photography they’re working on.  It’s hard to make yourself not look at pictures.

Imagine the shock and sick feeling in your stomach when you click on a picture to enlarge it, and it’s some horrifying, tragic picture, and you immediately get tears in your eyes!  It is so not pleasant!

Yes, we know these things happen.  We are aware of how monstrous humans can be.  We don’t need to see the results of human cruelty plastered on our FB pages.

I know these pictures are posted as a show of the horrors we humans can do, but I don’t want to go onto FB and be horrified and get depressed.  FB is supposed to be a way to connect with each other, to share news about what is happening in your life.  At least for me it is.  I mostly do that by linking to my blog posts and an occasional update.

I’ve had this happen so many times the last few weeks that I am seriously considering blocking almost everyone’s updates except for immediate family.  I don’t want to do this, but I also no longer want to see horrifying pictures that leave me in tears and feeling sad for the rest of the day.

I apologize if I offended any of my FB friends, but I am offended every time I see something like that in someone’s update.  It’s happening way too often.  There has to be another way, or another venue, to get your point across about repulsive human behavior.

In the immortal words of Dennis Miller, “That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”

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11 Responses to is this what is now trending on Facebook?

  1. melsar93 says:

    I haven’t seen this trend, but I am facebook less and less these days. I spend much more time on Twitter and of course on WordPress.

  2. This is awful! Luckily I have not seen this trend…but then I rarely use Facebook as you may have noticed.
    the thing that winds me up is people keep sending me requests for farmville etc despite frequent requests not to. grrrr LOL 🙂

    • Seashell says:

      I’ve weeded out my friends on FB several times, and still keep blocking people’s updates from showing on my pages. Soon, I won’t have anyone left but a handful of family.

  3. That’s so gross. Thankfully I haven’t seen any!

  4. barb19 says:

    I have noticed this trend Shell and it’s very disturbing to say the least.
    The last one I saw on my FB page had me in tears, so I commented under the photo to the ‘friend’ and asked her not to do this anymore as we are all aware of what goes on in the world, we don’t need to see it blasting out on FB. Numerous comments followed which agreed with me. She replied with an apology and I haven’t seen any more since.

  5. That’s terrible! I haven’t seen anything like that among my Facebook friends, but I would immediately start blocking people from my feed the moment that they started. I don’t understand why people post things like that.

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