g is for gidget’s

We are pizza lovers.  Being the lazy creatures we are, when we want pizza at the beach, we always call Nino’s Pizza and have it delivered.  This has been going on for over 4 years now.

Nino’s closes around the end of the year for a month or two.  Business is pretty slow then and they do repairs and deep cleaning then.  When at the beach during the Christmas holidays, we wanted pizza but Nino’s was already closed.  A friend of mine, who had stayed at our beach house last summer, came home raving about Gidget’s Pizza.  Said it was better than Nino’s.  So, we decided to drive there and try it.

A nice outdoor area for smokers or folks waiting for take-out.

The mile drive to the restaurant was such a chore.  After all, we had to make sure we had decent clothes on, go down the steps, get in the truck, drive, get out of the truck, and walk several yards into Gidget’s!  If only Nino’s were open, we’d just have to get off the sofa to answer the door!  lol

We were impressed as to how nice Gidget’s was inside.  There were nice tables and chairs, a little bar, and a little coffee shop like area for customers waiting for take-out.  It was less of a pizza place and more like a mid-level Italian restaurant.  A bit on the fancy side compared to most other places on the island that we’ve been to.

We were greeted by the staff as we walked in and seated immediately (off-season, of course).  Everyone was very friendly.  We ordered drinks, which came quickly, and then ordered our pizza.  It came out several minutes later looking like a piece of heaven.

It tasted like it too!  It was the best pizza we’ve had on the island.  The thin crust was just thick enough to hold all the toppings without cracking under the weight.  The toppings were abundant, and the taste was divine.  After we took our first bite, we looked at each other in amazement.  It was a seriously good pizza.

Next time I saw my friend, the one who raved about Gidget’s, I told him he was right.  The pizza was awesome.  I know we’ll go back there many times.  The first pizza was too good to not go back!

I think we’ve found our favorite place to get pizza.  We’ll not be such lazy creatures in the future.

My Personal A ~ Z of Avon, North Carolina

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6 Responses to g is for gidget’s

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  2. barb19 says:

    heheh! So it was worth making an effort for! Now you have found a new place to go to!

  3. Thin-crust pizza is the best! I’m so glad that you’ve found a good pizza place!

  4. Gidget says:

    Thank you so much…you made me smile today! Gidget

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