a little bit of this, a little bit of that

I haven’t had a king cake or, for that matter, celebrated Mardi Gras  since we moved from Texas.  That makes me kind of sad.   It’s the little things you miss sometimes.

In the state legislature, they are debating a bill that will grant a fetus rights at the point of conception, specifying this is where the state would consider a fetus to be a person.  I wonder, if they do that, wouldn’t abortion be considered 1st degree murder?  After all, if you purposefully kill another person, you are guilty of first degree murder.  How are they going to work that one?  I’m not talking about the right or  wrongness of abortion, just the consequences of what passing that law would mean.

I’ve gotten a few new subscribers lately.  Bloggers that I don’t know and whose sites I’ve never visited before.  How do these people even find my blog?  If you’re a new subscriber, would you please leave a message to tell me how you found me?  I’m very curious!

I remember in elementary school, they used to have Balloon Day.  It was a fund-raiser.  The students would sell as many balloons as they could.  For each balloon they sold, they filled out a tag with their name on it.  The school’s address was on the other side so the tags could be mailed back to the school.  On Balloon Day, the tags were attached to each helium balloon, then the whole school would take the balloons outside and release them all at once.  It was such a beautiful sight to see hundreds upon hundreds of balloons floating in the sky.  The person whose balloon went the furthest won a prize at the end of the school year.

I wish I could carry off that cute pixie cut of Emma Watson.  It looks so easy to take care of.  She has one of those faces that really work with short hair.

They are building a bowling alley/entertainment center a mile or so away from our house.  They are putting a 29 foot bowling pin in the top of it.  That is so gaudy!  I can’t believe the county gave them a permit for that.

I wish we had a wood burning fireplace instead of a gas fireplace.  The gas is cleaner and more convenient, but there’s just something about the crackle and smell of a real wood fire that makes it seem so cozy.

Signing off now to watch an episode of Firefly.

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2 Responses to a little bit of this, a little bit of that

  1. A 29-foot bowling pin! Are you serious? That’s nuts!

    Interestingly, I’ve always found that the shorter my hair, the more time I spend caring for it. But that just may be that my hair starts sticking up in weird directions. Emma Watson is so pretty, though!

    • Seashell says:

      The thing that drives me crazy about my hair is that I have to straighten it to get the frizzelys out, which means I always have to wash it at night because I don’t even have time to wash, dry, and flat iron it in the mornings.

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