a snickers bar can save you money

I am a regular reader of Get Rich Slowly, a financial blog.  Although I am months behind on reading it, I save every email and read them as I have time.  Today, I found this really interesting post from August 2011.  Yes, I am that far behind in reading it!

The post is about decision fatigue, what causes it and what you can do about it.  I want to try it one day (we’ll need a new dishwasher sometime this year).  I’ll let you know if it works, if I will know that it worked.  JD – how will I know???

Let me know what you think.

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One Response to a snickers bar can save you money

  1. I like the principle although not good advice to anyone with a peanut allergy 😦

    I am terrible when I go shopping at making a decision. Sometimes I’ve made the most stupid decisions, but I thought it was because I was stupid. So, I can balme it on hunger 🙂

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