it’s that dreaded day again!

It’s mid late Saturday morning and I’m sitting here surfing instead of getting my booty moving.  It’s ‘do the taxes day’ for me and I am not looking forward to it.

I do my own taxes.  It’s not that taxing..ha ha.  I just don’t like doing it.  I use Turbo Tax, which I think is great, as it makes me think of things with the finances that I would never think of on my own.  Which means, there is always some other paper I have to find because I didn’t think of it.

I’m pretty good throughout the year of gathering various things I need at tax time all in one folder, but I never remember everything.  The worse part is needing a statement that you just realised you don’t have yet.  Having to start and then wait a few days for a statement to arrive in the mail is frustrating.

I know it will take a good part of the afternoon, if not the whole afternoon.  Papers will be spread all over the kitchen table because my desk just isn’t big enough for all the tax crap.  Struggles will ensue to keep Pockets off the table, as he has a tendency to scatter any papers on there.  Or maybe he will just want to walk over or lay on my laptop.  Both seem to  be his favourite things to do when I’m trying to get work done.

At times I’ve thought about hiring a tax attorney, but I really don’t think we need one, and I’m too cheap to want to pay someone that much money.  Places like H &R Block use the same freakin’ type software to do people’s taxes, so I’m definitely not using them for something I can to do myself.

I’m not even sure why I dread doing the taxes.  I handle all the finances for our family.  Scuba Man doesn’t want to fuss with it.  He’s says I’m really good at it.  After all, we’re out of debt except for the houses and we’ve got a fair amount of regular and retirement savings.  Plus, I’m the one with the accounting background.  Maybe it’s because the tax code is just so screwed up, but that’s a post unto itself that I may never write.

So, I guess it’s time to stop procrastinating and get starting being productive.  Time to figure out just how much of our hard-earned money Uncle Sam wants this year.

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