the Monday blahs

It’s Monday again.  I’m working from home.  It’s so quiet!  No distractions from the office.  It’s like heaven.

So, why am I not in a good mood?  Why do I feel blah?

Maybe it’s because I stayed up late watching the Oscars.  I wanted to see The Artist win the best movie, and it did!  At least I went to bed happy last night.  But, I hit the snooze 3 times this morning when the alarm went off.  Then again, that’s normal on the days I work from home because I don’t have the commute.  But I’m dragging today.

I don’t feel like a had a very productive weekend and that may play into my mood.  I did the taxes, the laundry, made a big pot of soup, and made a roast for dinner last night.  That was the extent of what I did.  I spent  some time writing and, although it is productive, it’s more of a fun thing to do.

I have an acupuncture treatment later today, then a hair appointment.  Those seem to put me in a good mood, but lately, my stylist has been on a downer mood.  I’m not looking forward to that, so maybe that’s the issue.

Maybe it’s a combination of all of it.  So, I turned on some Usher.  That helps to put me in a better mood.

I don’t really know how to change my moods to happy.  I try listening to music I like, thinking of all the things in my life I’m grateful for, cuddling with Willow or Pockets, thinking of how much I love Scuba Man.  Yeah, that one made me smile.  My life is unbelievably good.  There is no reason for me not to wake up in a happy mood.

I am so blessed.  I need to keep that in my mind always.  It will beat these blahs away.

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