The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds…Wasted

The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds…Wasted: A Memoir by Lüc Carl was a fun book to read.  It’s more than just a memoir.  It’s like having your friend kick you in the butt to start eating right and exercising.

Lüc starts out as a Nebraskan rock ‘n roller, who goes to New York City to fulfill his dream of becoming a rock star drummer.  He eventually ends up as a hard partying, bar manager/bar tender.  Along the way, he gains weight; weight from unhealthy eating habits and booze.  One day, he decides he’s tired of looking the way he does and so begins his journey to become “sexy”.

This book is chock full of humorous, crazy stories.  Lüc’s insane personality shines throughout the whole book.  He writes as if you’re one of his friends, sitting at the bar, just talking and swapping insults.  He holds nothing back in connecting with the reader, not even his language.

I wanted to be an early reviewer of this book not as a diet book, but because it sounded crazy.  I like crazy.  I was not disappointed.  But, something happened along the way.  I got inspired, very inspired.  I, too, wanted to lose the extra weight I’ve carried around.  I wanted to be “sexy” again.

Although the title says The Drunk Diet, it’s not a diet book at all.  It’s the story of Lüc’s life to becoming what he is now – still insane, but now sexy insane.  It still has some aspects of a diet book.  There are several recipes, including a few for drinks.  But, they are rated with a bulls&#t meter and there’s not too many of them.  I’ve never seen a diet book with recipes for alcoholic drinks in it.

There is so much good information in it for eating healthy and exercising interspersed with the story that you don’t realize the common sense advice he is passing on.  It’s nothing that we don’t already know, but the way he presents it, it makes you want to eat healthier and exercise.  It worked for a couch potato like me.

Lüc’s book comes out March 13, 2012.  You should read it, even if you have no desire for a diet book.  It’s a memoir with a good story to tell.  It’s a winner.

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5 Responses to The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds…Wasted

  1. I need to read this. I like crazy. Because I am crazy.

  2. melsar93 says:

    I will keep an eye out for this. I need some inspiration in this area.

    • Seashell says:

      The book was a LibraryThing Early Reviewer. When I saw the title, I knew I just had to request it. It’s a fun read. Thanks for introducing me to LibraryThing. I love it!

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