has anyone seen Downton Abbey?

I spent the past weekend alone.  Scuba Man was at the beach with Willow, so Pockets and I just chilled.  For the most part, I kept the television off.  But I was in a total veg mood Sunday night and was watching PBS.

They had on this awesome show with video clips of big band music.  I love that genre of music.  It just seems so fun.  When it was over, I didn’t bother to change the channel, which, in hind sight, probably wasn’t a good idea.  The next show was behind the scenes of Downton Abbey.  Downton Abbey is part of the PBS Masterpiece series .

The behind the scenes was very interesting and it has now made me interested in watching Downton Abbey.  I’ve heard that it is an excellent show, but haven’t seen any of the episodes.  So, of course, I went up to Hulu to check if they had it.  They do have the first season.  PBS.org had both seasons and is now filming the third.  I just know I’ll be watching an episode or two at the very least.  If I like it, I’ll probably watch all of both seasons.

Just what I need, to get hooked on another television show!  But at least I can watch this one online, anytime.

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2 Responses to has anyone seen Downton Abbey?

  1. barb19 says:

    I have seen the first series of Downton Abbey, and am hooked – can’t wait for the second series to arrive on our screens here in Oz but the TV channel seem to be slacking in getting it. You will love the show Shell; I love that era, so interesting!

  2. Seashell says:

    I am hoping to find the time to start watching it soon.

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