her nose is fully functional

As spring weather seems like it’s here to stay, Scuba Man decided he would start running outside instead of on the treadmill.  I’ve walked Willow outside for a couple of weeks now, as it hasn’t been too cold.

The other day, he was going to run outside while I walked Willow.  She’s not ready for a 3 mile run yet and needs a few shorter runs to get in shape first, so I was just going to walk her.  No, I do not run.  I hate it.  I would rather walk the 3 miles instead of run it.

Scuba Man was ready and out the door before I was.  That proved to be a problem.  Willow saw him leave and start to run.  She got seriously hyper.  She loves to run and wanted to go with daddy!  Needless to stay, getting her harness on was trying.

Once out the door, I tried to take her left, but she saw daddy had gone right and she was determined to follow him.  She stuck her nose to the ground, started with her little excitement yelp she gives, and took off.  I mean like a rocket, with her nose stuck to the ground and me trailing helplessly behind, trying to keep up.

It was a serious battle of wills, with me trying to keep her at my pace and her just wanting to catch up to daddy.  The only time her nose left the ground was when I would stop to make her stop pulling so hard and to give her a rest.  After about 15 minutes of this, she was panting hard.  She was pulling me way further than we usually go.

Willow was concentrating so hard, she didn’t even realise daddy was coming back and was almost too her.  I had to tell her he was coming. Once he caught up with us, I handed over the leash, as all she wanted to do was run with daddy.  He would run a little way and then run her back to me.  This happened a few times, until she was totally worn out, but happy.  Then they stopped and walked beside me, the mommy who was also worn out from struggling with her for a 1/2 hour.  Have I told you she loves to run?

This can’t happen again.  My joints were aching from trying to keep my balance as she was pulling me like a sled dog.  I’m not used to going that fast for that long.  She’s in better shape than mommy is!

Scuba Man and I decided from now on, I’ll be the first one to leave the house when talking her for a walk at the same time he wants to run.  With all the walking paths in our community, I’ll have no problem taking her down a different one than he runs on.

True puppy love is when she doesn’t want to lift her nose from the ground because she wants to follow daddy.  It surprised us both, but it was a nice surprise.

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