I need my hour back and then some

The change to daylight savings time has hit me unexpectedly hard this year.  It leaves me wondering why.

It’s not just the loss of 1 hour’s sleep, it seems to be compounding.  You lose an hour on Saturday night and Sunday doesn’t seem too bad. I purposely didn’t take a nap on Sunday to try to get my body adjusted.  Sunday night, bedtime rolled around but I wasn’t very sleepy, so I stayed up an extra hour.

Monday I was a little sleepy.  Down two hours of sleep now.  The same thing happened on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.  With no opportunity to nap, I was then down 5 hours of sleep!

By Thursday, I was sleepy all day.  Doze on the way home from work sleepy.  So, last night I tried going to bed my regular time instead of staying up.  I was so sleepy I thought for sure I would fall asleep fast, but that didn’t happen.  I still laid awake for close to an hour before I fell asleep.

This morning, I almost fell asleep on the bus.  I’m feeling the lack of those  6 hours!  I hope I can get a nap in this weekend.

Daylight savings time has lost its original purpose.  I love having the extra daylight though.  But we’re not living by sunlight anymore.  We now have electric lights!  We’re not so much of an agricultural country anymore.  Is it really still necessary to change the time or is it just a convenient habit the country is unwilling to break?  Why don’t we just stay on daylight savings time?

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3 Responses to I need my hour back and then some

  1. I was just talking about this. Plus it’s been really late hours here with his super sale this week. Like midnight dinners. 😦 I don’t want to ever get up. And if I sit down I seem to nod off. The baby has been having a really hard time adjusting too!

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