Monday and Tuesday in Paradise

Monday was a day of pampering for me, as if staying here wasn’t pampering enough.  Part of the package for the all-inclusive is a certain number of spa credits.  Of course I took advantage of those.  After spending the morning by the pool, I spent the afternoon at the spa.

First, I did a treatment I’ve never tried before, a body scrub.  I was a little concerned about this, as I was already developing a rash because of a new sunblock I used Sunday.  The treatment felt great.  First, the girl scrubbed my whole body with a fine sugar scrub.  After showering that off, she rubbed in moisturizer and covered the sheet with a huge warm towel. After the scrub was done, a girl came in and gave me a facial.  Then it was off to a manicure.  I could have also done a massage and pedicure, but I thought I would save those for later in the week.  By the time they were finished with me, it was almost dinnertime.

Scuba Man and I chilled out a bit in the room and then got ready for dinner.  We went to the Mexican restaurant and I got a new dish, chicken in hibiscus sauce.  It tasted wonderful.  After dinner, there was a live band pool side, but we went back to our room and could listen to the band from there.

Tuesday was another day pools side.  I was back to using my regular sunscreen, as I did on Monday, but the effects of the new stuff on Sunday didn’t seem to want to go away.  The rash was still there.  Luckily, we had an umbrella and could still spend the majority of the day around the pool without getting crispy fried.

Tuesday evening, we used another perk, and had a romantic dinner for two on the beach. I was surprised as to how special they made it. Sitting at our table, we felt like we were pretty much alone. They started the dinner off with a white chocolate martini. Scuba Man and I just looked at each other when they brought it, as neither one of us drinks martinis, but we tried it and loved it. First course was a salad and I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. The presentation was awesome! It wasn’t a real fancy salad, but the way it was plated was exquisite. The next course was the soup. It was a cream soup, asparagus if I remember correctly. It was served in a champagne glass and it was recommended we drink it. It was delicious. Champagne was served with it. After that was sherbet served in a chocolate shell, to clean our palates for the main course.

The main course was filet minion (sp?) topped with two lobster tails. Plated with it was a pretty arrangement of vegetables. The steak was grilled to perfection, as was the lobster. It was served with a gravy boat filled with melted butter. The drink was a choice of red or white wine. I can’t remember exactly what dessert was, but it was served on a plate that had two interlocking hearts drawn in chocolate syrup. I remember it tasted wonderful. Although all the food we’ve had here has been wonderful, the chefs out did themselves with this meal.

After dinner, we retired to our balcony to watch the fire dancers, which was Tuesday night’s show. It was very entertaining.

Posting from here is hit or miss. We didn’t bring our laptops and writing on my TouchPad gets frustrating at times and I have to stop. No sense getting frustrated on vacation! Also, I can’t download my photos to it. I’ll be posting them when we get home, eventually. It may take days to download them all.

More tomorrow on our week in Paradise.

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4 Responses to Monday and Tuesday in Paradise

  1. barb19 says:

    Wow – sounds like a blissfully relaxing place to be and you are taking full advantage – good for you! The food sounds amazing, and they gave it a special ‘touch’ with the way they presented it. Bet you will be going back there again!

  2. Sounds wonderful Shell!

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