What’s been happening lately

I haven’t had much to say lately.  Or maybe it’s that I have too much to say.  There seems to be a lot going on that is cluttering my mind.

Willow had an appointment at the doggie dermatologist last week.  She keeps getting rashes and ear infections.  The doctor did culture swaps and the such.  She gave us different antibiotics, a new antihistamine, a wash solution that kills the bacteria on the rash, and prescription food.  If she’s still getting the rashes after 8 weeks, we have to do allergy testing.  I hope it doesn’t come to that.  I don’t want to subject my poor baby to so many needles!

Work has been crazy busy.  The fiscal year ends on 6/30, as does my fiscal year contract.  I’ve been running low on contract hours,  so I haven’t been working any overtime, which means less is getting done but the workload hasn’t changed.  Things are getting behind.

Next week, they are starting the remodel of our office but they are not moving anyone off the floor.  Some people are moving to temporary work spaces, which will be tables in whatever section of the office is not currently being worked on.  They will be doing construction right outside of my cubicle.  I get a headache just thinking about it.  The work from home policy will be very liberal for the next several weeks, I’m sure.  No one wants to have to sit through the noise, dust and dirt that results from construction.

The beach house looks wonderful with the new siding and outside lights.  It’s going to take us several months to save the money to have the back and bay side of the house re-sided.  Plus, we need new front and back decks and want to get a new roof.  We want the outside to be as waterproof and maintenance free as possible.  Through all of this, we are also trying to fix up our main residence so we can sell it.  It’s a tough balance money wise.

I’ve been unmotivated to do much of anything at our main residence even though I know I need to before we start fixing it up inside.  I’m slowly getting rid of clutter, but it doesn’t seem as if I’ve made much progress.  I think that’s a big reason I feel so stress free at the beach.  It’s a much easier house to take care of and there is so little clutter there.  It feels more like home than our main house.

I still don’t like my hair.  It’s too short to be able to pull it back out of my face and have it look good, but it’s not short enough to stay out of my face.  It is more maintenance than my long hair.  I thought it would be the opposite!

There are a hundred more little things happening, but these are the big ones right now.  You’re now all caught up with the news!

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  1. You forgot to write about seeing me!

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