One Nation Under God

The 4th of July is almost here.  A celebration of the birth of the United States of America.  If you live in a country where you have the freedom to vote, as we do here, and consider yourself a Christian, this is an important post to read.  This is the sermon our pastor gave today in Church.  First are the notes, and then there is a link to hear the actual sermon, which is so much better than the notes!  I urge everyone to listen, as I think it says a lot about this country and where it is and could be headed.  Pastor Allen isn’t talking politics, really, nor is he endorsing any candidate or party.  It’s just plain talk for Christians about how to choose a candidate.

Under God

Ps. Allen Speegle

July 1st, 2012 

Aren’t you glad you live in this amazing country?

This Wednesday we will celebrate the birth of our country so I want to begin with us standing and saying the pledge of allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, And to the republic, For which it stands, One nation, Under God, Indivisible, With liberty And justice for all. (Under God added in 1954)

We’re one nation under God. Not alongside God or above God. We’re under God.

Under = subject to the instruction and influence of

What does One Nation Under God mean?

What’s our responsibility as citizens?

Who should I vote for? In 2008 only 60% of eligible voters went to the polls.

It’s yours and your children’s future so you need to vote.

Not voting is not the answer

While I cannot and will not publically endorse a candidate I can show you from the Bible the guidelines we should use when we go to the polls on Nov 6th

Because We Are One Nation Under God We Should Vote According To

1. The Character of The Candidate

Think about our nation today, our schizophrenic economy.

Fedzilla now is eating any profits that anybody makes and nowFedzilla is redistributing the wealth. Sounds like a slide into socialism to me.

The character question is a big one, because if we elect righteous leaders our government will be righteous. If our government is righteous, then the laws will be righteous. On the other hand if we elect unrighteous men and women, our government will be unrighteous and the laws will be unrighteous.

Prov 29:2 When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan. NLT

When I vote I want my candidate to lay his or her hand on the Bible when being sworn in, I want this person to say, You know what I’m under the authority of God.

Character can be defined as who you are when no one is looking.

For a long, long time people have said, especially the politicians have said this. You know, who you are in private does not really effect who you are in public office.

That is absolutely nuts because who you are in private is who you are.

Character is an outward reflection of an inward connection.

Proverbs 16:12 Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation. 

2. Your Biblical Conviction

Conviction is the moral foundation you stand on.

My conviction is I do not want to be lied to.

I want a leader that will stand for Godly convictions regardless of the press.

Proverbs 28:1 The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.NIV

Here’s a question? Who defines morality God or our government?

Example: Right now our government is trying to redefine marriage.

Our laws forbid 5 marriages –married person, sibling, animal, same sex

Eph 5:32 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

God has told us from cover to cover that there is only one context where sex should be enjoyed and practiced and celebrated in marriage between and man and a woman.

Here’s the question again: Who defines morality God or our government?

Abortion – I read this week where some guys are facing a stiff state and federal fines of up to $100,000 and up to one year in prison for what appears to have been the deliberate destruction of endangered loggerhead sea turtle eggs.Yet over 3000 babies were aborted every day and nothing happens

3. The Courage of The Candidate

I’m not looking for a leader that says let me get this focus group together and let me lick my index finger and see which way the wind is blowing. Let me check the latest poll.

Proverbs 11:3, The integrity of the upright guides them…

I’m looking for a godly leader who will stand to stand up and buck his own party when needed.

4. The Compassion of The Candidate

Proverbs 31:8 9 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and the needy.

We should help those who are physically challenged or emotionally challenged who can’t work but not deadbeats….

As citizens of this great country we must never forget it’s not our government that makes us great!

And we must remember that it’s not our government nor is it our vast resources that makes us who we are but We Are America!

Listen to the full message here.

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3 Responses to One Nation Under God

  1. Wayne Augden says:

    Well done. I shared on fb. 🙂

    • Seashell says:

      Thank you Wayne. I thought it was a great sermon! Many people don’t really think about this when they decide who they will vote for. If they did, I believe our country would be in much better shape!

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