Comfort words

I was a bit disappointed with our church service today.  Our church was celebrating 20 years of our pastors, a married couple, leading the church.  It was a celebration service that had been planned weeks ahead of time.

The service started as usual, with praise and worship songs that always seem to lift me up. Then a slide show started, documenting the last 20 years of the Speegle’s leading the church.  It was fun to see how they looked 20 years ago!  Several people then gave testimonies on how Allan and Janice have changed their lives.  Janice was in tears.

Their 2 daughters and one of their sons-in-law all spoke and presented them with a plaque commemorating their special day.  Then, Allan’s pastor gave the message.

It was a celebration message about how God led them to their calling and how much they love and care about their church family.  He spoke of their commitment to the Lord and how we can all learn from them, be more like them.

Allan & Janice then spoke their thank you’s and the service was over.  That was it.

I know that this was a celebration that was long in planning.  I know this was a special day, a day to be happy.  But this country has gone through a devastating week.  We had 3 people killed and many people injured with the bombing at the Boston Marathon. We had many people killed and injured, their homes decimated, when a fertilized plant exploded in Texas.  We had a whole city and surrounding areas shut down while the bombing suspects were searched for.

I don’t think a few words of comfort would have been too much to ask for.  We look to the leaders of our churches to give us comfort.  I know devastating things happen every day, but this was an especially harrowing week.  I could have used a few words of comfort.  I know I can look up the verses in the Bible myself, but it feels like it takes on more meaning when it comes from Allan or Janice.  I don’t know why.

I was disappointed that despite the what our country has had to contend with this past week, not one word was mentioned about it.  I guess it would have spoiled the celebration. That being said, I can’t help but think of the spoiled celebrations that happened last Monday, or those spoiled celebrations to come for those families who lost loved ones or had someone seriously injured.  The spoiled celebrations to come in a small town that lost several of their volunteer fire fighters and other citizens.

Please lift them all up in prayer.

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