this is what I imagined

My "grand" babies

My “grand” babies

We’re at the beach for the long weekend. Our niece and our three “grand” kids are here. The house is full; of people, of noise, and of laughter. This is one of the ways I imagined things would be like when we move here permanently.

We expect there will be times when the house is full and look forward to it.  Our beach house is within driving distance of one of my sisters, and two of my nieces. I totally expect them to visit when we move here. We have other family that we hope will visit, but it’s a much longer drive for them.

I also imagine the times we have alone here. There will be many more of those times than the others.  It so much more relaxing and less stressful near the ocean. The cares of the world seem less important. We laugh more here, enjoy life more here, have fun with the simpler things in life here.  Even having to work here is much more enjoyable.

I sometimes ask myself why that is.  Why does life seem simpler here?  Is it because for most of the year we can have the windows open and the salt air breeze through the windows?  Is it because we seem to have more friends here that we get together with than we do in Richmond?  Is it because we walk into a store or restaurant and we know the people there and they know us?

Maybe it’s because the house is much smaller and there is less clutter and cleaning.  Maybe it’s because everything in on one floor, which really makes laundry easier!  Maybe it’s because Willow and the kitties seem to like it here better than in Richmond.  Willow is crazy happy when she goes to the beach.  The windows are open here more often, which the kitties love.  They lay on the window sills and watch the world go by.

my-goalsLiving here full-time will be a dream come true for us, something we have planned for, for most of our marriage.  Many, many years ago, when we had only been married a few years, we made a list of goals with timelines attached.  We have hit them all so far.  Not all of them were achieved in the time we wanted, but they were achieved.  Retirement is the last one, and that is on the horizon.

I think it’s time we add a few more goals in our lives.  What are yours?

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