the weekend that was

It didn’t start so great. I had dental surgery Friday afternoon. Not a fun way to start the weekend, especially once the anesthesia wore off!  I’m still in pain and the pain killers aren’t helping much.  I have not been a happy camper.

Saturday, my niece came down  and we went to get tattoos together.  Mine was this one:

My new ink

My new ink

It’s on my left wrist and included our anniversary date and Scuba Man’s name.  What a way to celebrate our 25 years of marriage!  My niece, who is celebrating her freedom from a failed marriage, got this one:



I have a smart a$$ friend who saw picture of both on Facebook and wanting to know why we needed to free Scuba Man & what did he do now?  I just love my friends!  I pray that one day my niece will find her true love, as I have, but I think she’s sworn off men for good!

That evening, Scuba Man and I went to dinner with our niece and a friend of hers that we have come to know and enjoy hanging out with.  Luckily, the restaurant had cream of asparagus soup and mashed potatoes, so I could actually eat something.  Of course, I got funny looks for my order from the wait staff.  I’m on soft foods only for a whole week.  It’s killing me, Smalls!  I’ve lived on protein shakes and what I call my green juice – kale, carrots, an apple, and orange juice pulverized in my Bullet, with ground flax seeds for that extra kick, since Friday.  I can’t wait until I can eat normally again.

Sunday was nice, as our church started streaming their service live.  We have been waiting for that since our pastors moved and started a new church a year ago.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate their first anniversary. I also had time for a nice nap.

Not much of a special weekend.  The week hasn’t been all that great either as I struggle to stay in a good mood despite the pain.  I have pain meds for 10 days and I pray the pain goes away soon.  Luckily, the swelling started going down last night and my face at least looks better.  I just hope it doesn’t hurt bad when they take out the stitches after two weeks.

So, how was your weekend? A better one than mine I hope.

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