the kitchen gardener

One of the things I am looking forward to when we finally move to the beach is having a garden. Because of the possibility of seawater flooding and the deer we have that hang around our yard, it will not be a conventional garden. I haven’t quite figured out how it will be raised or how it will need netting to keep the deer off, but I’ve got time to research it.

I have started a small garden here. I have romaine lettuce and 2 celery stalks growing, along with cilantro. In my kitchen.  In my everyday dishes. The lettuce and celery are almost ready to be transplanted into pots. I think I’m going to have to go to seeds for the herbs, though. The cilantro has roots but doesn’t look that good.

The celery in my kitchen garden.

The celery in my kitchen garden.

All of this has led Scuba Man to start calling me the kitchen gardener. He is amused by the whole thing and humors me, making sure I change out the water and not complaining about the dishes left on the counter and windowsill.

I love to grow things though I’m not that great at it. I have a few plants that I have managed to keep from dying for 10 years.  By that, I mean barely alive.  They were from a dish garden received when my mama passed away.  When my daddy passed away in January, I took two of the peace plants and the philodendron from one of his dish gardens and planted them in the same pots as the 2 peace plants and the philodendron from my mama’s passing.  They seem to be doing fine, so far. I am determined to see them thrive.  Maybe, since they’re together….  The 4 other transplanted plants seem to be doing well also.  I like to think it’s because my daddy had a green thumb.

The thing I find easiest to grow is the grass for the kitties. I grow it in small plastic buckets. It takes about 2 weeks to grow and lasts for two weeks, so I always have one growing and one being grown. As both cats are indoor cats, they love having the grass to munch on.

My dad was a big gardener.  He would start his plants indoors in late winter and transplant them into the garden after the last frost.  It all started with him growing strawberries one year and took off from there.  He grew zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, anything he could get to grow in the backyard of a row home in Baltimore.  My parent’s freezer was always full of home grown veggies and they were constantly giving others away.  He taught me how to grow a garden.

Now that we try to eat everything organic, growing a kitchen garden is easy.  For most things, you just need to plunk the ends in water and they’ll start to grow.  Once they take root, they can be planted in pots.  Most non-organic veggies are treated so they don’t grow roots while they are sitting in grocery stores.  The organics aren’t treated, so they will grow nicely.  Lettuce, celery, onions, garlic, herbs, all these are great for a kitchen garden.  Clean and Proper has a great little tutorial on regrowing vegetables.

I’ll keep you posted on how my garden grows.

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3 Responses to the kitchen gardener

  1. Barb says:

    It looks like you might have a green thumb just like your daddy!
    I love gardening, and especially growing vegetables. Do you plant the celery into a pot when it starts to get roots or leave it growing in the water? I have never tried this before, or with romaine lettuce.

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