random goals…

.. in no special order.

  • pay off the credit card
  • keep Willow healthy
  • save for a trip to Italy for our 25th anniversary
  • declutter our house(s)
  • meditate every day
  • train and be able to walk 60 miles in 3 days for the Susan G. Komen foundation by 9/23/2011
  • build up the emergency savings
  • get our Virginia house ready to sell
  • learn Italian
  • have a blog that people will actually read
  • max out our 401k’s
  • simplify my life
  • put together my family tree

I’m sure I’ll add to this list or subtrack from it from time to time.  Goals, like sand, are ever changing.   I think a good mix of personal goals and financial goals is what it’s all about. I am surprised that I have more personal goals than financial, as I used to be quite anal about finances.

If all goals are financial, you can lose touch with who you really are or who you want to be.  Your whole focus is on money.  There may be career growth, which is a good thing, but there is no person growth.

You may be telling yourself that you will work on your person growth once your financial goals have been met.  Let’s face it, will we ever meet our financial goals?  If we meet the ones we set today, won’t we just set more?

No personal growth can lead to stagnation. Feeling like you are stuck in a rut. Feeling like you are on automation.  Not feeling as much joy in life as you can.  Not truly living life.

Setting goals, financial and personal, will move you in the right direction to living your life more fully.  Isn’t that what we all really want?

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9 Responses to random goals…

  1. Hi, I love this “Goals, like sand, are ever changing”

    I live by the beach. Love the sea and the sand. I could stare for hours out to sea.
    Where are you?

  2. Seashell says:

    We live in Virginia, but our beach house (and future retirement home) is on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I absolutely love it there and spend as much time as possible at the beach! I’m very new to the blogging world, so I’m very, very grateful that you visited and commented!

  3. Hi

    I am also a new “mature” blogger, started about 6 months ago. I love the wordpress challenge as it has brought to my attention some great blogs I would never have found. I love hearing about everyday life in other countries and happy to be a buddy 🙂

    • Seashell says:

      Thank you so much! I just subscribed to your blog. I read that the best way to become a better blogger is to read other’s blogs & I enjoy reading yours!

      • Hi, wonder if you can help. Once of my challenges is to cook, photograph and post a new recipe every week as I was in a food rut. It was one of my New Years Resolutions! Do you have a favorite recipe you can share with me please? It can be sweet of savoury

        Or anyone else reading this 🙂 I will give credit back to your blog

        • Seashell says:

          This is one of my favs: Cranberry Pork Tenderloin

          1 pork tenderloin
          1 can whole berry cranberry sauce
          about 1/2 – 3/4 cup orange juice
          1/4 cup or so sugar
          heaping tablespoon brown sugar
          little bit of ground mustard
          little bit of ground cloves

          Put the pork in a crock pot. Mix everything else and pour it over the pork. Cover it and cook on lower for about 6 or so hours.
          You can mix a cornstarch & cold water mixture to add to the juice before serving, to make it thicker, if you want.
          Sorry the measurements are kind of iffy. I don’t measure a whole lot when I cook and I’ve been making this for so long I can’t find the original recipe.

          • Hi this is perfect! It sounds delicious 🙂

            Pork is really cheap here and I have a slow cooker plus a jar of cranberries left over from Christmas which I was wondering what to do with. Perfect! I will let you know when it’s published on my blog. Prob a couple of weeks as I always work 2 recipes in hand. Organised or what? 🙂

  4. SweetB says:

    “Mature” blogger, I like that! That’s me too. I love your goals and am jealous of the learning Italian. I don’t know that my brain has the capacity to do such things anymore. I am just now pursuing a Bachelors Degree and I have a foreign language requirement. Lucky for me, Sign Language qualifies.

    Anywho, great writing here! Can’t wait to read more.


    • Seashell says:

      Thanks Margie! Ahhh…the learning Italian. I’m lucky if I can get one word a day to stick in my brain! But it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for years, ever since my husband and I discussed going to Italy. I don’t think it’s a brain thing, just more of a time thing. I have none!

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