A is for Avon

Avon, the place I want to spend the rest of my life.  A small, quaint, fishing village.  It’s beautiful, laid back, and friendly.

Willow running to get to the beach.

Willow absolutely loves Avon.  She would rather be running on the beach than to be anywhere else.  Pockets loves it too.  He loves to sit in the window and watch the birds and the world go by.

The dunes at the end of our road

The dunes are so pretty.  Avon has some of the highest dunes on the island.  It’s one of the reasons why the ocean side of the island doesn’t flood.

Avon has beautiful beaches and the Atlantic Ocean

Some of the fancier homes are on little ponds.  It’s very lovely.

the geese

There are many different type water birds in the area.  They are fun to watch and photograph.

I love all the pampas grass around

Almost everywhere you look, there is pampas grass.  I would love to have these in my yard.

We have an Ace Hardware

We have an Ace Hardware in the village.  There is also a  Food Lion, which is the only major grocery chain on the island.  The Dollar Tree is a very popular store.  If it can’t be found in either of those two stores, you will most likely find it at Ace.  Because of the lack of chain stores, the ones we have carry a variety of things they usually wouldn’t carry.

Pamlico Sound

On the other side of the island is Pamlico Sound.  On windy days, the Sound is filled with kite boarders and wind surfers.  It’s amusing to see the signs outside of the surf shops saying they are only open on windy days, during the off-season.

The view heading into town from the south end of the island

A typical ocean side road

The only stop light on the island

The only stop light on the island is in Avon, mostly because of the Volunteer Fire Department being down the side road.

The Froggy Dog

One of our favourite hangouts in season.  Unfortunately, it closes in the off-season.

This is just a sampling of Avon.  There is so much more.  If you love beach living, this is the place to be.

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16 Responses to A is for Avon

  1. They say a picture saves a 1000 words. Avon is beautiful. It is SO me…I can see why you love it so much.

  2. LeRoy Dean says:

    Thanks for the tour, Seashell.

  3. Sami says:

    Such a cute place!!

  4. ferragudofan says:

    the houses and beach look lovely – thanks for sharing with us – I am looking forward to your virtual tour as the alphabet progresses!

  5. What a great ‘A’ post and photo tour of Avon. You definitely seem to be enjoying the new camera!

  6. barb19 says:

    Avon looks very much like the town where I live – a little fishing village away from everything, so therefore I love it! Empty roads with sand on either side is typical of a beach town. I could live there.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Avon with the rest of your alphabet Shell!

  7. Great post! I loved getting to see your beach town! It’s gorgeous!

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