d is for dunes

The dunes in Avon are so beautiful and full of life when it’s warm.  Not only do they protect the ocean side of the village from flooding, but they offer a cosy place for birds to nest.  They are a rugged pretty when the grasses die off.

The grasses are just starting to grow in spring

A barrier for ocean side flooding

A rugged kind of beautiful

Sometimes they look as if they go on forever

Our dunes

The dunes close to our house are double dunes.  The first set is quite high and are crossed using steps so as to not destroy them. The second set is only about half as high.  There are man-made paths to get over those.

The dunes are just one part of what makes Avon so special, especially for us nature lovers.

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7 Responses to d is for dunes

  1. I love the natural feeling dunes create on beaches. However in the Algarve you have to be careful of meercats 🙂

  2. barb19 says:

    I love sand dunes – never know what’s over the next hill! They are good protection from the ocean’s fury.
    What kind of wildlife do you see on the dunes Shell? You should try to capture some with your camera.

  3. I am loving these pictures, Shell! I can’t wait for you to post more!

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